Do you know what a Webring is? Webrings unite different sites on a related topic. Rather than browsing through the results of a search on one of the major search engines, you can just follow the navigation from one site to the other. Easy and fun.
Here are some rings I manage:

Travelphotography Webring
High quality travel photo sites from all over the world

Art Photography on the Web Ring
A ring for high-quality photo sites that make an artistic statement.
The Perfect Image
Photo sites which are dedicated to the pursuit of the perfect image
Ultimate Photography Webring
A ring for any person, amateur or professional, who has a love for photography and a web site displaying their work.
Travel Reports
Personal travel reports from all over the world.
Art Now! - all sorts of Web Art galleries from current working artists. Drawing, Painting, Photoraphy, Collage, Electronic Media, video, Jewelry & Metalwork and more.
Global Affairs
Websites on world politics, ecology and economics.
Global Understanding - pages which help to understand the different cultures of the world.
Photographs, poetry, travel reports...
Ein Ring für Reiseberichte: Fotoalben, schriftliche Erzählungen, praktische Tips. (German)
Deutscher Foto-Ring
Deutsche Amateur- oder Profifotografen stellen hier ihre Seiten vor.


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